The skills that participants gained by taking part in the greenspace is good - so prove it SROI programme were assessed by asking participants to complete a questionnaire at the start and end of the process. It was anticipated that participants would improve their communication, IT and team building skills, but the questionnaire used was also designed to assess key employability competencies.  

As both community volunteers and professional support staff participated in the programme we acknowledged that the respective starting point for skills levels might be different. To take this into account individuals completing the questionnaire were asked to describe their role in the group.  

Understanding of the SROI approach was assessed by asking participants to complete a simple quiz at the start and end of the process and to take part in a word association test at the midway point.

Please note that the above is a sample of some of the materials used by greenspace scotland and partner groups and organisations to carry out SROI analyses. It is important to recognise that each SROI analysis is unique and whilst these resources can be used for guidance they will need to be adapted and tailored to meet the different requirements of each analysis.