action research on greenspaces

Demonstrating the Links was a two-year programme of community-led action research. Working with eight community groups, it supported the design and delivery of local research projects that investigated the impacts of greenspaces on community quality of life. The programme provided community groups with mentor support, training and a series of networking events.

Demonstrating the Links was carried out by greenspace scotland and the Scottish Community Development Centre, with funding from Communities Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage, and support from NHS Health Scotland. The project was independently evaluated by EKOS consultants. 

The programme shows the contribution of greenspace to health and wellbeing; safer and stronger communities; community regeneration and capacity building; connecting communities with biodiversity and climate change issues.

Unlike many research programmes where communities are the subject of research and the research is in effect ‘done to them’, this programme provided community groups with a mentor who worked with them to support the design and delivery of their research projects.

Eight community groups participated in this action research programme:

Ardler Village Trust, Dundee

Abbotshaugh Community Woodland, Falkirk

Balornock Urban Garden Scheme (BUGS), Glasgow

Burdiehouse Burn Valley Park, Edinburgh

Dunain Community Woodlands Trust, Inverness

Bridgend Community Allotments, Edinburgh

GOW Sustainable Backcourts Initiative, Glasgow

Healthy Roots, Aberdeen



relevant downloads

Research reports and briefing notes for each individual project, the programme evaluation, outcomes and learning briefing note, observations and reflections from the Scottish Community Development Centre and the research mentors involved in the programme can be found in the research section on our publications page.