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Inspiring fundraising training for greenspace groups

The Resourcing Scotland's Heritage programme offer a range of inspiring fundraising courses for heritage and greenspace groups. A range of courses are running across Scotland, please visit the website for more information or follow RSH on facebook or twitter


other organisations' events

13 February - Crowdfunding For Arts & Heritage Organisations (Edinburgh)
This training event, brought to you by Arts & Business Scotland supporting Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage, will provide a ‘how-to’ guide to crowdfunding for cultural organisations. There are 6 places for arts organisations and 6 places for heritage organisations to participate in the event which is being delivered by the creative crowdfunding agency. The training will also incorporate a hands-on simulated crowdfund so that you can try out your new skills straight away. More

15 February - In Focus: Trusts & Foundations (Linlithgow)
This session delivered by Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage focuses on heritage organisations applying to Trusts & Foundations. The training will include: An overview of where Trusts sit within the overall funding landscape. The advantages and disadvantages of making applications. An exploration of the various types of trusts and a guide to writing proposals. The event will explore case studies from the sector and provide top tips in making applications as well as developing and maintaining your relationship with a trust. More

21 February – SNH Good Practice Events: Urban Design with Nature
The event focuses on integrating multi-functional green infrastructure (GI) into urban design, planning and delivery offers a range of sustainable, future-proof solutions and benefits for people and nature. For more information email

21 February - A General Tax Guide For Arts And Heritage Organisations (Edinburgh)
This half-day seminar is a must for all financial or budget holding staff and anyone who wants to know how tax affects (and can benefit) arts and heritage organisations with charitable status in Scotland. The event will look at the tax status of income, box office arrangements, room hires, trading activities, memberships, grants and donations and sponsorship. More

21 February - Trustees’ Event: Briefing on Risk Management (Edinburgh)
During this session, Richard Mackie – Associate Director at RSM Risk Assurance Services LLP – will provide a step-by-step introduction to risk management for trustees working in the heritage sector. Risk Management is essential to the smooth-running and sustainability of all projects and organisations. More

22 February - In Focus: Storytelling Using Media (Edinburgh)
This hands-on practical session from Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage will allow you to identify your key messages and present them using media. This workshop will focus on using video as a medium for storytelling. Identifying and presenting your key messages in an appealing and visual way can support your fundraising efforts and help you to effectively communicate the value of the work that you/your organisation does as well as the value of heritage more widely. More

25 February – Dig In Falkirk event: Winter pruning workshop Dollar Park, Falkirk
Learn how to care for Apples and Pears in this 6 year young orchard. We shall discuss the importance of tool hygiene and get a chance to see the fantastic work achieved in the Walled garden over a warm cuppa. Please book by calling Forth Environment Link on 01786 449 215

28 February 2018 - Environmental Information for planning – informing delivery of LDP, Edinburgh
This workshop is being organised by SEPA, SNH, FCS, BGS, CEH, JHI and Improvement Service Scotland. It is aimed at all Local Development Plan teams: to demonstrate existing environmental information and access portals and to facilitate a centralised discussion between LDP teams and all environmental agencies to improve the value and accessibility of environmental data. Up to 3 spaces are available per Authority.  To reserve spaces at the workshop for your team – please email Helen Bonsor  

1 March 2018 – Natural Capital Investment Conference, London
This conference, organised by the Ecosystems Knowledge Network, will aim to identify the best ways of securing much-needed investment in the UK’s natural environment.  The Natural Capital Investment Conference will be a significant step forward in the quest for new ways of financing the restoration of key natural features such as woodland and wetland.  The benefits that flow to everyone from this ‘natural capital’ have been valued at billions of pounds. The event is expected to gather over 200 environmental and finance experts to discuss the investment mechanisms that will be required to support the restoration of the environment. More

April – May: Clean Up Scotland’s Spring Clean is coming
Get involved to try and put a stop to the latest findings that the local environmental quality in Scotland is the worst is has been for 10 years. Organise a Clean Up between April and May to help make this year the cleanest yet. More

9 April – Glasgow National Park City idea event
TCV is running an event on 9 April at Glasgow School of Art to explore the Glasgow National Park City idea. More information from Dominic Hall, TCV, email

18 April - New approaches to monitoring participation in outdoor seminar
The seminar taking place in Cardiff will look at a number of interesting avenues that could be usefully explored that would be highly relevant to current research, policy and delivery. The seminar will focus on the overall landscape of monitoring participation in Outdoor Recreation, the future of large-scale national population-level surveys and alternative and innovative approaches to generating insight. More

24-25 April - Growing Better Lives conference
A joint two-day conference between FCFCG and Care Farming UK to explore and celebrate links between community growing and health and well-being taking place in Manchester. Please see more of the agenda here.  FCFCG hope that some Scottish groups will be represented but appreciate that cost is an issue. If you’d like to attend but are not in a position to confirm by booking just now or need financial support to get there or somewhere to stay, please email

26 April 2018 – Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage National conference
Save the date! More information from Louise Downing email

21-25 May - EU Green Week 2018: Green Cities for a Greener Future.
EU Green Week is a European event. As well as the high-level conference in Brussels, other events are organised in Member States by different stakeholders. EU Green Week is the opportunity to show that your organisation is part of this transition towards green cities. Are you planning an event on green city development between 21 April and 10 June 2018, or would you like to organise one? If so, you are invited to register it as a partner event on the EU Green Week website. Any type of event is eligible, be it a workshop, presentation, study visit, open-door or online event, etc. Events that promote a participatory approach regarding sustainable urban development are highly relevant. More

30 May - 10th annual Walking Cycling Connecting Communities conference
With a theme of "Towards 2027 - seeing more people travel actively", the conference will look back at some of the achievements of the last ten years, but more importantly look forward to the next decade of promoting Active Travel in Scotland. Contact the organising team by email

Park events – Edinburgh, Falkirk & Glasgow
To find out about events and activities in parks in Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow and Scotland’s national nature reserves, check out the MyParkScotland website

training and events for Scottish community groups tackling climate change
If you are a Scottish community group interested in tackling climate change the free programme of training and events provided by Keep Scotland Beautiful could help support you in your work. More

TCV conservation training
Short and long training courses from TCV in locations across Scotland and the rest of the UK. More

Outdoor & Woodland Learning Scotland 

OWL Scotland is supported by Forestry Commission Scotland and evolved out of the Forest Education Initiative (FEI) which has run successfully for over 20 years. OWL Scotland supports outdoor and woodland learning for local OWL groups. More

Play Scotland is offering training sessions on play policy and strategy
Following Scotland’s first National Play Strategy and Action Plan, Play Scotland is offering work place based training sessions (full day and half-day) to explore what the play strategy and action plan means for organisations. Contact Debbie Willet at Play Scotland for more information, email

SNH Sharing Good Practice programme
The programme of events for 2017 is available here

Working with volunteers
Volunteer Scotland offer a wide range of volunteer training courses and FREE online sessions to suit every budget and need. Find out more here