This framework was developed by greenspace scotland with support from NHS Health Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage. It was developed in partnership with Glasgow City Council and the Dundee Partnership for the Environment.

An outcomes framework is a resource to help you link what you do (activities) with what you want to achieve (outcomes). An outcomes framework is made up of different 'tools'. At the moment we use these tools:

  • outcome triangles which provide an overview of the topic area, specifying intermediate and long term outcomes and indicating the key service delivery areas which contribute to these outcomes
  • logic models which map out the links between activities and outcomes and
  • results chains which indicate the contributions of different organisations or sectors to the outcomes

The framework, and its constituent logic models, was developed through close consideration of a series of real challenges and projects in the two cities and used inputs from professionals involved in delivering a wide-range of ‘greenspace and health’ work.

The developing framework was commented on by a national panel of health and environmental organisations.

using the framework

greenspace scotland can support you to use the health outcomes framework and develop other thematic outcomes frameworks and logic models