a world first!

Scotland’s Greenspace Map is a world first; no other country has mapped its greenspace in this way. It is an innovative Geographical Information System (GIS) based map which provides comprehensive information on the location, extent and type of greenspace across all of Scotland’s urban settlements (i.e. towns and cities with a population of 3,000 or more).

The Map was compiled in 2011 from greenspace data provided by all 32 Scottish Councils. The local datasets were produced using greenspace mapping characterisation. This involved using GIS maps and aerial photography to categorise greenspaces into 23 different open space types (based on the typology set out in Planning Advice Note 65 Planning and Open Space); these include public parks, play areas, allotments, amenity greenspace, private gardens. Primary and secondary codes are used to capture multi-functional greenspaces, for example, play areas or woodland within larger public parks. More information about the greenspace mapping methodology is available here

Scotland’s Greenspace Map can be viewed as an interactive map and the GIS data can be downloaded by users with appropriate Ordnance Survey licence arrangements. Click on the link below.

Using Scotland’s Greenspace Map


developing the map

The project to develop the Scotland’s Greenspace Map was led by greenspace scotland with support from Scottish Government, Scottish Natural Heritage and Forestry Commission Scotland; all 32 Scottish Councils actively supported the project and provided information. You can find out more about how Scotland’s greenspace map was developed by downloading the project report

more about our greenspace

The Second State of Scotland’s Greenspace Report was published in February 2012. For the first time this covers all of urban Scotland. It draws on greenspace data from Scotland’s Greenspace Map and the results of the fourth biennial greenspace use and attitudes survey.

To view the Second State of Scotland’s Greenspace Report click here