Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) measures levels of participation in walking and other outdoor recreational activities each year through the Scottish Recreation Survey. The 2012 results reveal that 79% of adults made at least one visit to the outdoors for leisure or recreation in the previous twelve months, making an estimated 297 million visits (lower than the 2011 estimate of 361 million).

The total value of expenditure during these visits was estimated at around £2.6 billion. 42% of adults visited the outdoors at least once a week during this period. This represents a decrease on the 2011 figure of 46% and is the lowest figure recorded since 2006. The trend for visits being made closer to home remains evident in 2012. Parks and open spaces continue to be the most frequently visited main location, accounting for between 35% and 37% of visits to the outdoors each year between 2005 and 2012.

The full survey report can be accessed here

In addition SNH has prepared a series of fact sheets on for example "parks and greenspace" and "towns and cities". The fact sheets can be found here