Is there anything you and your group would like to change about the place where you live, go to school or work? A space or park that could do with some changes to the way it is used? If the answer is yes, then this residential weekend is for you!

All you need is a good idea for a placechanging project and 2-3 friends and a youth worker or adult who supports you to come with you. You can take part in a fantastic weekend of activities to help develop your idea and take them back to your group!

You wil have the opportunity to apply for £500 to take action straight away and later you can even apply for up to £3000 for a bigger project.

We have space for up to 8 groups consisting of a youth worker/ support adult and 2-3 young people in each group. Once you have been on the weekend you must include the rest of your youth group in the project you want to take forward.

Please note you will have to be between 12 and 25 years old to take part.

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