The 10 year Glasgow City Development Plan (from 2017) identifies six key areas of which Inner East is one. These areas present unique spatial opportunities and challenges yet also have a number common issues such as poor connectivity and significant amounts of vacant and derelict land. They require a strategic approach to identify key priorities, design principles, connections and strategic relationships, and can support more detailed planning work on specific sites and projects within the plan.

The Inner East Strategic Development Framework (SDF) seeks to put the public at the heart of spatial planning, enabling local people to get involved in the planning issues affecting their area. It provides a policy structure for the future development and regeneration of the Inner East geographical area. The key issues that are emerging from public consultation and engagement have informed the identification of a number of ‘priority issues to be addressed’ in the Inner East. The vision of the Framework is:

The Inner East will become a series of interconnected walkable and liveable neighbourhoods, creating a vibrant, inclusive, liveable and well-connected people friendly place. It will be a city district that is; climate resilient; fosters creativity and opportunity; promotes social cohesion, health and wellbeing and economic prosperity.

The SDF recognises the compelling need, particularly post the Covid-19 pandemic, to support personal resilience, elevate health (both physical and mental), to reduce stress and to contribute to reducing both poverty and social isolation (for all age groups and for disabled people).
It also encourages positive design for the above that fosters human interaction, creates opportunities for exercise in a safe/welcoming environment, supports independent living, and which are dementia and communication friendly (including to benefit childhood communication development).

The Strategic Development Framework can be found here

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