The City Council has published a Consultative Draft Open Space Strategy (OSS) for Glasgow. The Draft OSS sets out the ways in which the people, flora and fauna of Glasgow are likely to make use of open space, now and in the future, and sets out how these different demands on open space should be considered and met. 

It sets out an overarching approach to the City's open spaces, providing strategic direction that will guide the work, policy-making and investment decisions of all parts of the Council in managing the City's open spaces to allow Glasgow to flourish in future. 

The consultation is also looking for feedback on a series of Local Context Analyses (LCAs) and the Open Space Map. The LCAs complement the draft OSS and their consultation provides an opportunity to inform the Council of the open space issues that you think are important to your local area. 

The Council wants to get feedback on the Open Space Map with a view to ensuring it remains up-to-date and accurate. Comments should be received by no later than 10 December 2018.