The guidance applies to outdoor community food-growing sites. This includes all forms of community food-growing sites such as community gardens and allotment sites, including communal growing areas of allotment sites. The guidance applies to all visitors, users and volunteers of community food-growing sites.

In addition any employees of community food-growing sites should follow the guidance contained in the Science & Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA) guidance to the horticulture, fruit and vegetable sector and the returning to work safely guidance.

According to the Phase 2 update on 18 June 2020 Local authorities and others with responsibility for community food-growing sites may now reopen these sites as part of the additional outdoor activity which is now permitted, subject to compliance with this guidance.    

Visitors, users and volunteers of community food-growing sites are reminded that they should only travel short distances within their local area for leisure or exercise purposes (approximately 5 miles) However those with a specific health condition that requires travel beyond their local area to maintain health, and those with a disability who need to travel a bit further to appropriate outdoor space, can do so.

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