Funding is vital for creating and managing greenspaces across Scotland.

greenspace scotland works directly with groups to raise funds through two specific projects:

Tesco Bags of Help logoTesco Bags of Help logoThe Tesco Bags of Help grant scheme accepts applications from community groups, schools, local authorities and not-for-profit organisations. Bags of Help uses the money raised from the sale of Bags for Life in Tesco stores to fund a wide range of projects that meet the programme’s aims and objectives to benefit the local community.

As well as funding the development of and activity in outdoor spaces such as allotments, community gardens and parks, grants are available to fund the purchase of items such as sports kits, camping equipment, spades, litter pickers or specialised medical equipment.

Funding is also available for improvements to community buildings, for example scout or guide hut, church or village hall or sports changing rooms. Groups looking to hold seasonal events and activities such as a Christmas lights can also apply for funding. 

Tesco Bags of Help funding is available to many communities across Britain. You can now apply at any time for funding between £1000 - £4000 for a wide range of indoor and outdoor projects that benefit your local community.

These are just some examples of projects that are eligible. There is no match funding requirement and no restrictions on existing project funding.

So, if you've got plans or just an idea for a great community project in your area let us know by contacting one of our Community Enablers or by making an application here.

See Bags of Help Case Studies to read about some of the successful projects.

MyParkScotland logoMyParkScotland is an exciting project to help people discover, enjoy and support their local parks.

You can use the website to collect donations for your park or greenspace project, event or activity using crowdfunding (raising funds from many people over the internet towards a common project). This allows individuals and businesses to support parks and their projects. We also have an investment strategy to develop endowment funds.

Other funding information

greenspace scotland was an active partner in the Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage programme. This delivered a four year programme aimed at helping Scotland’s heritage sector (including natural heritage and greenspace) to develop long-term financial security by providing training and support on fundraising from individuals, trusts and businesses.

Although the Resourcing Scotland's Heritage training programme has now ended, the website continues to provide a hub of ideas, inspiration and practical advice to help you to maximize results from your fundraising.

“I've been to some training in the past but nothing has touched the quality of what you guys have been delivering.”

The Funding Section of our News pages gives up to date information about current funding opportunities.