greenspace scotland will commission a freelance researcher to support the design, analysis and reporting on a small-scale survey as part of the Covid Community Memorial programme Remembering Together.

Remembering Together is a national programme delivered by greenspace scotland. Through commissions in all 32 local authority areas in Scotland artists will co-create with communities, exploring who, what and how they want to remember and honour all those affected by Covid. Offering a place to connect, to reflect and to create, Remembering Together is about creating together, being part of a process to commemorate those who have lost their lives, those who have experienced loss and change as well as celebrating the ways in which Scottish communities have come together during a difficult time.

As part of our research, we would like to invite an individual or organisation with relevant research experience to develop and gather responses from a small, compact survey to be completed by colleagues in partner organisations working on Remembering Together.

In line with our research aims, we are seeking to capture insight into partners’ experiences and understanding of co-creation as a way of collaborating with communities. We will also ask whether/how the process of this programme has changed their view of co-creation or practice in their work with communities.

We expect that the survey would be conducted over the 2 phases of the project:
· Earlier in the programme during September/October 2022
· Towards the end of the programme during June/July 2023 (end date is subject to change)

Learning from Remembering Together holds rich potential and while this is a modest scale research component of the research, it is an important aspect. We are therefore keen to work with someone who has relevant experience to develop the survey with us, managing analysis and reporting, who can commit to these two phases of work and has interest in supporting learning about co-creation and its potential.

We have an indicative budget of £5k (inclusive of VAT) and we estimate that the work
will need 15 – 20 days across both phases of the survey.

Key periods of activity will be:
• August 2022 – October 2022
• June 2023 – September 2023 (subject to change)

You can find the full brief and more information about Remembering Together HERE or by contacting Kim Simpson on [email protected]