Registers of Scotland

The Registers of Scotland website hosts ScotLIS, Scotland's Land Information Service, which provides digital access to land and property data. Properties can be searched for free, and more detailed information or older transaction information not yet mapped can be purchased.

Local Authority & Friends of Parks groups

Contact your Local Authority (LA). The register of Vacant & Derelict Land, has maps by LA area. For parks, your LA should have a list of existing Friends of Parks groups. For example Edinburgh Friends of Parks Groups; Glasgow City Council contact; and there is an independent Glasgow Parks Forum 

Housing Association

Amenity ground & playparks in residential areas may be owned and managed by your local Housing Association  

Community Council & Community Development Trusts

To find out who else may be involved locally in a piece of greenspace, contact your local Community Council or Community Development Trust 

The Scottish Land Commission 

is tasked to improve the openness and transparency around decisions on land-use and land ownership. They have published a good practice guide (or Protocol) on Transparency of Ownership and Decision Making, and a Template to support land owners and managers in providing information about the ownership and use of land detailing who owns the land, their plans for it, and how communities can get in touch with them. 

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