The Young Placechangers toolkit aims to inspire young people to take the lead in their local community, to voice their opinions and help make positive change happen.

Using this fun toolkit, you will learn new skills about how to evaluate places, map your community and influence local
decision making. This toolkit gives examples of icebreakers, place activities and further reading and information you can
use with your group.

Download the toolkit Watch videos about the Placechangers Toolkit

The toolkit was developed by greenspace scotland and Youth Scotland working with young people and youth groups across Scotland as part of the Young Placechangers Programme. 

Watch videos about the Placechangers Toolkit below:

Additional resources 

Throughout the toolkit some additional resources are mentioned most of which you will have easy access to in your youth group or community group. Below we have made some templates and resources available for download or inspiration. If you can't find what you are looking for or need some help please email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

01: What makes a great place 

Pictures of 10 different places - busy, active, beautiful, quiet, not so nice. 

Great infographic from PPS! 

Download images here

What makes a great place infographic 

02: Place evaluation

Questions to use during your place evaluation walk in your local community 

Flyer with the Four Place Evaluation questions 

Basic walking Route Risk Assessment

03: Community Mapping

Draw your local community or the space you want to change on a piece of flipchart paper 

and discuss the spaces you want to change 

Example of community map

04: Circle of influence

We all have a circle of influence and people in our lives that can help/support us. In order to get something done, we have to work with others so that our ideas are actioned

Example of circle of influence

05: Play with the Place Standard Tool  

The Place Standard Tool makes us think about all the different things 

that makes a place a great place. 

A version of the tool for Children and Young People will be available soon.

06: Useful links and further reading

Place Standard Tool The Place Standard tool provides a simple framework to structure conversations about place.

greenspace scotland—community place making/place evaluation an approach to revitalising, planning, designing and managing places.

Youth Scotland Creative consultations and evaluation Fun & interactive workshops that explore creative ways to engage young people in consultations and evaluations.

Architecture and Design Scotland promoting the value good architecture and sustainable design adds to everyone’s lives. 

Built Environment Forum Scotland (BEFS) uniting the sector that cares for and promotes Scotland’s built environment for people to use, appreciate and enjoy.

UN Habitat—Block by Block Approach using minecraft as a powerful tool for visualisation and collaboration, actively engaging people who don’t typically have a voice in public projects.

Project for Public Places, New York bringing public spaces to life by planning and designing them with the people who use them every day.

Download the toolkit Watch videos about the Placechangers Toolkit

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