greenspace scotland has published Ambitious for the Future - our new Strategy for 2023-2028

Greenspaces are at the heart of healthy, happy, thriving and sustainable communities and places.

We need our greenspaces more than ever as we navigate our way through these challenging and turbulent times: the climate and nature emergencies, pandemic recovery, the cost-of-living crisis and widening inequalities.

Greenspaces are our natural health service, our children’s outdoor classrooms, our community and leisure centres without a roof and the green lungs of our towns and cities. With vision and investment, underpinned by a more ambitious and integrated approach to blue-green infrastructure, they can be so much more…

greenspace scotland provides a national lead, working with others, to ensure that Scotland’s parks and greenspaces continue to be protected and actively managed as vital community assets for our health and wellbeing, and to realise their contribution as essential blue-green infrastructure contributing to climate adaptation and net zero carbon targets; future-proofing our town and cities; creating sustainable, nature-positive, thriving and resilient places for all.

Over the period to 2028, we will continue:

·        to advocate for the importance of equitable access to greenspaces and for adequate investment in these vital community assets

·        to provide a national lead for greenspace and blue-green infrastructure - we will connect and collaborate, bringing together different voices, sectors and partners to make our communities greener, healthier, more inclusive, sustainable and resilient

·        our approach of action research and pioneer projects, working alongside local and national partners, to pilot and test new approaches to managing, using and resourcing greenspaces and blue-green infrastructure

We will work across four strategic programmes:

Advocacy and awareness  |  Enabling and supporting action
Pioneering and leading change  |  Fit for the future

Over the timeframe of this strategic plan, we will grow our collective ambitions by leading and supporting a step-change in action on greenspace and blue-green infrastructure, ensuring that everyone has easy access to quality greenspace, and blue-green infrastructure is realising its full potential for our communities, health, environment and the wellbeing economy.

Our vision is for a Scotland where greenspace is making our lives and places better

We are ambitious for the future - for what we, partners and communities can achieve by working together to realise the full potential of greenspace and blue-green infrastructure, shaping a Scotland where greenspace is making our lives and places better.

We look forward to working with you…

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