Back in 2019 London became the first National Park City with Adelaide joining in Dec 2021. During 2020, the National Park City Foundation launched a target to have 25 National Park Cities by 2025. In 2021 they set up the Journey Book Process through which cities could apply to achieve National Park City status.

The Glasgow campaign was set up by a group of enthusiastic individuals interested in establishing a Glasgow National Park City. The volunteer group has grown, they have accomplished lots since their inception and are now building the momentum to achieve their aims.

Glasgow National Park City online gallery - image copyright: Becky Duncan / Open Aye cic

Aims and ambitions of Glasgow National Park City

The aim of the movement is to improve people’s quality of life and the environment equitably through the creation of Glasgow National Park City:

  • To coordinate and promote action to establish a Glasgow National Park City
  • To connect, amplify and support the work of any individuals and groups who help to achieve this aim
  • To work with other organisations to secure their long term commitment to establishing a Glasgow National Park City

Realising the ambition of a National Park City is as much about changing mindsets as it is about changing the fabric and the infrastructure of the city. Two crucial elements in Glasgow becoming a Greener, Healthier and Wilder National Park City are:

  1. Change perceptions and inspire people to see the city differently by recognising the key role that nature, green spaces, heritage, adventure and play can have in cities just as much as in traditional rural National Parks.
  2. Celebrate and empower the fantastic network of individuals, organisations and communities who are contributing to this greener, healthier, wilder vision. National Park City designation would provide recognition for their work, and the opportunity for greater collective voice and resources for these organisations in the future.

Activities to date

Two years ago a draft vision was started and following feedback from partners and supporters, the vision Let's Make Glasgow a National Park City was launched at the end of Jan 2023.

A wealth of activity has been delivered in the last three years, including through lockdown and during COP26. There is a regular newsletter and blog; Glasgow National Park City branding, website and active social media accounts; over 40 partner supporter organisations and 13 ambassadors have signed up to promote and advocate for the GNPC. There is also growing interest within Glasgow City Council for the initiative.

Projects that the partnership has successfully delivered to date include Glasgow Urban Nature MapClyde Climate ForestLost Woods, COP26, virtual photo Gallery and Wee Green Screen lockdown showings. This has all been achieved by the hard work and determination of committed volunteers. 

Glasgow National Park City online gallery - image copyright: Monique Lara-Lise

What’s next?

This year they will apply for Glasgow to become a National Park City. The key message from the Glasgow National Park City group is that they are stepping up the fantastic progress of building the vision and they need to grow capacity and resources by recruiting more volunteers, attracting funding and working more closely with supporters and ambassadors.

There are four more stages to the application process:

Firstly - Support and promote. The movement is appealing for supporters to share the National Park City Partnership vision, encourage involvement and promote the initiative with the Supporters communication toolkit.

Secondly - gathering more supporter organisations to be advocates and ambassadors and share the vision with their organisation, local councillors, local MP and neighbours. 

Thirdly - a successful application must be made to the National Park City Foundation.

Fourthly - once declared a National Park City, a group comprising representatives of supporters and partners will continue to provide inspiration for new ideas and projects, oversee the vision and monitor existing projects within the agreed framework. They will facilitate regular networking, meet annually to review progress and agree plans for the coming year.

Call to Action

If you would like to play in key role in Glasgow becoming a National Park City you can get involved in a variety of ways.

Sign the charter to demonstrate support for the vision and help secure National Park City Status. This is very easy, can be done in 2 minutes. 

Sign the Charter

If you have more time and would like to get involved - you could join the application group. They are looking for help with research, writing and information collection. The event team is organising an event in the spring / summer 2023 which will celebrate the people and groups which help make Glasgow a National Park City. They welcome people with an interest and experience in running or promoting events, fundraising or just keen to help out.

If you’d like to volunteer or find out more contact [email protected]

The vision of a Glasgow National Park City will be realised through a wide range of projects which will engage people and deliver a Greener, Healthier, Wilder City.

  • If you have a  great idea for a new project get in touch, meanwhile, there are some resources and inspiration to get you started
  • If you have a project which is looking for supporters, members or volunteers to get involved please complete this short form
  • Find existing supporter groups and campaigns you can get involved in