We have published an up to date 8 page case study on the Lyne Burn Project, Dunfermline. 

It stems from a joint event and visit with Fife Council and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency on 30 April 2024 with the Park Managers Forum and other invitees, and guides including Touch Community Garden, Touch and Garvock Community Council, Fife Coast and Countryside Trust, and UrbanPioneers landscape architects.

We have tracked and reported on the Lyne Burn Project over several years. This case study brings the story up to date, using pictures and brief descriptions. It includes links to further resources, including other and more technical case studies.
This document is particularly intended to help people who make blue, green and nature-based solutions projects 
that benefit the community, climate resilience and biodiversity happen. It is suitable for general use whether as a member of staff, volunteer, or elected member, and will also be of interest to the general public.