Ian Robertson, Lewisvale Park, Musselburgh, East Lothian

Lewisvale Park in Musselburgh is a relatively new find for me. It’s a site of discovery in more ways than one – connecting Musselburgh and Inveresk, with history going back to the Roman period, a new play park, and a young wildflower meadow and orchard area.

We’ve really just started to come here in the last few years. As Covid lockdowns unwound, opportunities to be outside just a little further from home became very important. Lewisvale Park is really close to buses through Musselburgh, and a great connection to different walking and cycling routes between it and surrounding areas. I like the fact that it’s got a whole range of different features. You can feel its origin in the civic history of the Burgh. Part sits below what would have been the old shore cliff line – and from there you can go in different directions. For example, walk up the hill to a completely different area with a cricket pitch, and into the village of Inveresk. The park has so many layers, and little details to look at.

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