Liz McColgan, former middle-distance runner

This is a picture of myself and Eilish running in the 1st race for life (cancer charity) in Camperdown park in Dundee.

I used to do a lot of my easy long runs on Sundays here as had a great running trail and fab grass for running. Harry Bennett my coach back then used to have a 600m loop down by the zoo area which we ran quite a lot.

Even when I started coaching I would take my group there. When my family moved from Whitfield to Blythe place when I was around 20 years old, I ran more on the grass there for my morning runs.

Its really important to keep green spaces available to the public.

As a kid I lived in flats with no open spaces, no grass but I remember the fun times I had with my family for days out picnics to Camperdown park. Always happy healthy memories.

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