MyParkScotland is an exciting project to help people discover, enjoy and support their local parks.

MyParkScotland provides Scotland's only crowdfunding platform specifically for parks and greenspaces. Crowdfunding is simply a way of raising funds for a project, event or activity by asking a large number of people to each contribute a relatively small amount of money.

Back in Victorian times, many of our traditional parks were developed through public subscription schemes - fast forward to the 21st century and now we call it crowdfunding!

You can use the website to collect donations for your park or greenspace project, event or activity using crowdfunding (raising funds from many people over the internet towards a common project). This allows individuals and businesses to support parks and their projects. We also have an investment strategy to develop endowment funds to support our parks and greenspaces over the longer term.

Check out the Crowdfunding Toolkit on the MyParkScotland website.

Watch this video to find out more about MyParkScotland and crowdfunding.