Get permission from the landowner

First, find out who owns or manages the greenspace - see Q2 Who owns the greenspace, and who else might be involved in it?  If it is a Council park, a 'Permission to Use' form usually needs to be submitted and approved.

Are you insured?

Check if the landowner's insurance will cover what you plan to do - or do you need your own insurance? 
Membership of some national organisations can provide discounted insurance cover. For example The Conservation Volunteers' Community Network comes with an offer of discounted insurance for conservation groups. Membership of TCV is free in 2020, and includes a dedicated support website, competitively-priced insurance, discounts from TCV’s suppliers of tools, trees, seeds and equipment & funding information, access to grants and much, much more!

Assess the risks

The Royal Horticultural Society's Running a community event webpage offers useful simple advice for running a community garden event, including an example risk assessment and promotion.

Work in partnership with another local community group

You could work in partnership with an existing local community organisation, which has experience, procedures and insurance in place. See Q2 Who owns the greenspace and who else might be involved with it?  

Contact your local Third Sector Interface for information on other local community groups, and look on local noticeboards and social media.

Have a Field Day

Fields in Trust encourage communities to organise Have a Field Day events across the country on the first Saturday in July to celebrate parks and greenspaces and community. Next one - 3 July 2021. Their publication Watch This Space also covers ideas on how to Champion, Protect and Support you local greenspace.

Consider organising The Big Lunch (once COVID-19 allows) which includes Eden Project Communities resources & ideas.

Note: Covid-19 restrictions and guidance

It is important that you follow current covid-19 restrictions and guidance when planning an event or activity. For general information and advice, read section 4 in Managing Parks and Greenspaces during Covid-19

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