Establish a constituted community group, a Residents Association or a Friends of Group

Consult your local Third Sector Interface;  Landlord, or if your concern is a Local Authority park, consider joining or starting a Friends Group - GlasgowEdinburgh, Dundee, Perth & Kinross

It's Your Neighbourhood & Beautiful Scotland

It's Your Neighbourhood is a non-competitive way to get helpful resources, feedback and inspiration to start involving your community in beautifying and cleaning up your neighbourhood across a season.

Beautiful Scotland is the next step up, being competitive, with winners going forward to Britain in Bloom. Both encourage horticulture, environmental responsibility and community participation. Run by the RHS and organised in Scotland by KSB 

Participation Requests

Community Empowerment Legislation allows for community controlled bodies to have influence over the services they receive from public bodies (eg Local Authorities, Health Boards etc). A Participation Request is a tool that enables a community group or body to request to be part of decision-making processes that seek to make improvements to public services.They have not been widely used, and discussions and compromise with the public landowner are best. A Guide is available here  

Online Resources & Enquiries Services

Social Farms & Gardens Scotland provide information, advice and support for community gardens; Trellis provide Know-How and support for Therapetic Gardening; Scottish Allotments & Gardens Society is the place to go for Allotment Groups and individual plotholders. These organisations can also direct you towards other community groups with similar interests or projects to yours.  

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