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The Our Growing Community pack has been developed to help Scottish communities to explore new places and more ways to grow their own fruit and vegetables. The aim is to inspire and encourage communities to explore growing in a wide range of spaces - school grounds, high streets and town centres, railway stations, local parks to name a few. It also has ideas for lots of different types of growing from allotments and community gardens, to raised beds and community orchards, vertical growing and community market gardens, as well as temporary growing spaces. There are also links to other food growing publications, case studies and projects.

Social Farms and Gardens

Social Farms and Gardens is a membership organisation for community gardens and growing groups. Their Scottish team provide advice and guidance to community groups and can signpost you to other growing groups that you can also learn from. They have a range of online resources, including a comprehensive Covid-19 Reopening after lockdown - Glossary of what to consider 


Contact your Council to find out what allotment sites and community growing groups are in your local area. Local Authorities should have completed a 5 year local Food Growing Strategy by April 2020, but Covid-19 has slowed progress in some areas.

Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society 

SAGS supports allotment sites and plot holders across Scotland. It is a membership organisation for individuals who have an allotment, are interested in allotments and for allotment groups. 
*Links to other useful websites
*Publications that can be downloaded, including Plan To Grow (2019), Good Governance (2018) and Grow Your Own Allotment Site (for groups)

The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society

The Caley encourages and supports a wide range of horticultural and gardening interests, including a range of educational projects, and a range of useful web resources, including: Gardening with children and Gardening hints and tips. For inspiration, plan a visit to the demonstration allotment Caley Allotment, Cameron Toll, Edinburgh and check out their programme of workshops and events

Community-led social enterprises

Across Scotland there are an increasing number of community and social enterprises involved in local food growing, take a look at:
*Urban Roots - south side of Glasgow
*Locavore - Glasgow
*Edible Estates - Edinburgh

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