Playing outdoors is vital for children’s health and wellbeing. Research shows it boosts physical activity and promotes happiness and wellbeing. It helps them form friendships, learn vital skills and have fun!

Play Scotland

Play Scotland support the development and promotion of children and young people’s play in Scotland. They provide Outdoor Play and Learning resources for parents, providers, the play workforce and policy makers, to promote quality accessible free play.

Take a look at: 
*Outdoor Play and Learning resources
*Outdoor Classroom Day  
*Loose Parts Play 
*Playful Communities
*Play after Lockdown - a Play England publication

Thrive Outdoors

Make time for outdoor play is a downloadable series of hints and tips for playing outdoors from Inspiring Scotland's Thrive Outdoors programme.

Play rangers

Across Scotland, Play Rangers provide opportunities to access free play within a community - on street corners, in local parks or woodland. Inspiring Scotland have produced a Play Ranger Toolkit to help you get started.

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