Scotland’s Towns Partnership have launched The Toolkit is designed to be a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to make their town centre better. Whether you’re from a local authority, community group, business, social enterprise or other organisation – you will find ideas that you can put into action. The aim of the Toolkit is to put Scotland's policy approach to town centres into practice. It shows how you can work collaboratively with other organisations.

The website includes section on: arts & culture, buildings & property, clean & green, enterprise & business, streets & spaces, inspiration and taking action. We’re delighted to see examples and resources from our Young Placechangers programme included in Streets & Spaces and links to ParkPower and MyParkScotland in Clean & Green.

By using this Toolkit in your town centre, you’ll be doing your bit to contribute to Scotland’s big future challenges – the climate emergency, health and wellbeing, inclusive growth, inequalities and community empowerment.

Take a look at the Toolkit