This event is for all people working in heritage and arts in Scotland, who recognise the need for the sector to adapt and evolve, to respond to a changing funding and societal landscape that will be the legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The webinar will share the results and learning from a survey Arts & Business Scotland conducted in November 2020, where heritage and arts organisations were asked to reflect on their development needs in the areas of governance, EDI (Equalities, Diversity & Inclusion), business engagement, community engagement, income generation and staff/volunteer wellbeing.

An outline of the networking, training, knowledge transfer events and other opportunities that Arts and Business Scotland plan to deliver in response to the needs defined in the survey findings will be shared.

A number of key strategic leaders from cross-sector development and supporting organisations will share their understanding of the value that Scotland’s heritage and arts organisations provide, the contribution they make to broader society and the opportunities they see for closer collaboration and partnership working with other non-culture sector partners.

The programme is funded Historic Environment Scotland.

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