Across Scotland Tesco Bags of Help has awarded over £10 million to 3,322 community projects.

Local communities are supported by over 200 stores which currently host regional Centenary Grant customer votes until the end of this year. Celebrate and be inspired by some of the thousands of Bags of Help activities in greenspaces that have benefitted from the funds:

Biodiversity boosted

Biodiversity is the web of life and awardees have been looking after it for now and the future. Local projects support ecology in woodlands, on nature reserves, along rivers and coasts as well as in city playgrounds, town parks and on remote islands.

Greenspace health and well being

Growing recognition of the importance of quality greenspaces for all encouraged awardees to develop outdoor spaces tackling physical inactivity, health inequalities and improve mental wellbeing. 

Activities which widen access to the outdoors, supporting exercise and therapeutic gardening, also promote environmental volunteering.

Pathway and access

Miles of pathways in cities and countryside have encouraged people to get outdoors and enjoy the environment. Footpaths, cycleways, wheelchair and buggy access and accessible toilets have been created. Access has opened to sports clubs, community buildings, gardens, parks, rural environments and wildlife.


Seeds sown bring people together and closer to nature in fruitful greenspaces, generating thousands of volunteering hours. Beneficiaries harvest in community gardens, allotments, wildlife sanctuaries, high streets, forests, social centres and public parks.

New gardens sprouted up and renovations, conversions and maintenance of existing projects are supported.

Young People

…and there’s hope for greenspaces with many youth projects inspiring the next generation.

Awardees provide access to new experiences and skills, often for disadvantaged young people. Activities meet social, environmental, emotional and behaviour needs, supporting outdoor learning and improving employment chances for vulnerable young people facing challenges.