Can you imagine the Cairngorms National Park with absolutely no built structures in it? Only mountains, lochs, rivers, forests and fields? And if you were given that blank canvas and told to create a community, where would you begin?

Using the hugely popular game Minecraft the Cairngorms Youth Action Team (CYAT) were given exactly that opportunity.

Using a recreated online version of the Cairngorms National Park without its buildings in Minecraft using open data from Ordnance Survey and Forest and Land Scotland the group were given the mission to collaboratively create a community that represents the sort of place they would like to live in.

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In October 2019 members  Young Placechangers programme had opportunity to learn how the video game Minecraft can be used as a tool to change our public places for the better. For those that might not know Minecraft is computer game that allows players to make a variety of building blocks in a 3D procedurally generated world.

Project of the Month: Building stronger communities block by block