The EU Horizon2020 research project combined large-scale survey data with localised interventions to understand the effects these environments might have on health.

It is intended that the recommendations will help decision makers and communities promote health through access to good quality blue spaces, informing the development of towns and cities fit for the future.

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As well as the research the project has made available three sets of tools either online interface or by downloading materials, the toolkits cover:

  • BlueHealth Environment Assessment Tool (BEAT) which allows you to evaluate the quality of a blue space and its potential for promoting health and well-being
  • BlueHealth Behaviour Assessment Tool, which has been designed to capture the activities that people take part in, at a particular blue space
  • BlueProfiles, which is a searchable set of inspirational designs for different blue spaces collected from around the world and assessed for their design quality and role in benefiting public health and the environment.

Bluehealth Tools