Tesco Bags of Help provided funding of £4,200 to get young and old enjoying Netherthird Community Garden in new ways. 

The group hosted a Music Festival inside the Garden near Cumnock. The event was split in two – the free Children’s Music Festival attracted over 400 local people with inflatable slides, musical entertainers, games and events. The Adult Music Festival attracted over 200 local people with six local bands on the stage. The events built community spirit and showcased the garden as a place that is open to all.

"These events gave both young and old a sense of community pride
and community ownership, encouraging them to use the garden,
and other facilities in the area. It has been a major positive for the
whole community and we hope this great project continues long
into the future. Our aim is to give folk from Netherthird access to
places within our community that could make them healthier and
fitter and won’t cost them a fortune."

- Margraet Campbell, Chair, Netherthird Community Development Group

The community garden, established in 2010, is flourishing with many volunteers, including those with learning difficulties from Riverside Centre, Cumnock. Netherthird Primary School use an outdoor classroom and often explore the nature walk. Netherthird Community Action Training (NCAT) is a garden maintenance and employability social enterprise established next door providing young people with garden maintenance and horticulture skills.
They work in the community garden, and on commercial contracts. NCAT received £2000 of Bags of Help funding to purchase tools which are used by volunteers and trainees.

Key Facts
Location: Cumnock, East Ayrshire
Project type: Outdoor activities
Funding: £4,200
Grantee: Netherthird Community Development Group
Facebook: Netherthird Community Development Group

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Up to £2000 is available from Tesco Bags of Help to support a wide range of projects that benefit your local community. Tesco Bags of Help is administered by Groundwork working with greenspace scotland to support applicants and successful projects in Scotland. 
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