Coronavirus (COVID-19): Safer Public Places - Urban Centres and Greenspaces guidance has been prepared by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, (MHCLG). It is based on advice from technical experts and input from key industry groups associated with the ownership and management of urban and greenspaces.

This publication is a guidance document focusing on the design principles for safer urban centres and greenspaces. The Public Health (Coronavirus Regulations)(England) Regulations 2020 impose temporary statutory restrictions and are under constant review.

The guidance contains information and examples of interventions that may be undertaken by the owners and operators of public spaces to keep people safe as and when the restrictions are relaxed and urban spaces become busier. This guidance applies in England only and does not impose any legal obligations.

The guidance is primarily for owners and operators of public places including but not limited to:

  • Local councils and town/city centre managers
  • Landowners
  • Commercial landlords responsible for public places
  • Management companies

The document provides a framework for identifying the issues associated with the use of public places in light of the need for social distancing. It focuses primarily on areas which are likely to have high footfall. It also includes practical interventions, which are temporary, for adapting and managing public places.