The Laigh Hills Park in Dunblane is a popular local greenspace with a network of paths, play and sports areas as well as extensive natural areas with trees, grassland and wetlands. The idea of growing an orchard followed from an extensive community consultation. The planting includes apples, pears, plums, cherries and damsons. The 300 trees were planted entirely by volunteers over two days, after the organizing committee had spent additional days consulting fruit tree nursery specialists, preparing planting holes, stakes, grazing guards and mapping the planting plan.

“In a few years, people will be able to come and taste before they plant their own heritage tree. One of our aims is to celebrate the wealth of heritage varieties available. From the varieties we planted, my favourite ones include an old pear variety of Perth called Jargonelle which is thought to have been brought to Scotland by Black Douglas, and an apple called Bloody Ploughman – the name derives from the seedling which grew out of the bones of the ploughman shot scrumping apples at Meggenich Castle, Perthshire”

- Alan Booth, Secretary, Dunblane Community Council

The community works closely with Stirling Council, and a Friends of the Laigh Hills Group will help maintain the orchard; organise pruning training and other community events. They also plan to provide interpretation and information on what varieties are growing where. The orchard will in time attract more and varied
wildlife to the Laigh Hills.

Key Facts
Dunblane, near Stirling (FK15 9JY)
Project type:
Physical improvements to an outdoor space
Dunblane Community Council

View the printable pdf Laigh Hills Park Heritage Orchard

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