In Keith, Bags of Help contributed £1,000 to REAP (Rural Environmental Action Project) to help residents living around Den Crescent make their communal areas nicer to look at, to sit in and to walk in and to renew the benches and artwork.

Working with REAP, the residents wanted to carry out environmental improvements to some of the communal areas which had become neglected. They organised community events, cleaned and cleared the areas, scrubbed down and painted the walls, weeded and planted brick flower beds with herbs and strawberries and liaised with the local council to help repair the benches.

A local artist worked with REAP and the residents to design and paint a mural and the local music society suggested a tune to paint on the wall as part of the mural and 'Festival o' Keith', this now adorns one of the walls.

"We are so proud to have been involved in the community events, volunteer sessions and creating the transformed community areas. The new mural, created by working with a local artist, is now a tourist attraction! A real turn around for this area. The repaired benches mean people can sit and enjoy the sunshine whilst looking at the mural and perhaps tasting some herbs. It's great."

Ann Davidson, REAP

Despite worries about vandalism and a feeling at the start that it might not work or be appreciated, the whole project has transformed the area and people are very proud to have been involved in the project and improving the area.

Key Facts
Location: Keith, Moray
Project type: Outdoor improvements
Bags of Help Funding: £1,000
Grantee: REAP

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