A colourful nature project designed to encourage people of all ages to spend more time outdoors was brought to life with £10,000 from Bags of Help.
The Living Wall now stands at the entrance to the willow maze at Dean Castle Country Park. It has been designed to attract small mammals, birds and flowers.

“It’s so important for people of all ages to get the chance to experience the outdoors and to develop or enhance their appreciation of nature. The willow maze has been a big feature of the country park for more than two years but we wanted to add even more colour and life to the structure. The wall will be a bright and colourful introduction to the structure and it provides homes to a wide variety of wildlife.”
- Anneke Freel, Countryside Services Manager, East Ayrshire 

The living wall takes the form of a ‘dry stane dyke’ and has been built by a local stonemason and craftsman. Imbedded along the wall are homes designed specifically for each animal and insect type. Its structure – full of nooks, crannies and small places to nest and hide – attracts a huge range of wildlife including robins and blue tits, bees, bats, hedgehogs and ladybirds. There are also benches to attract people - to relax, watch and listen.

Around 25 volunteers are currently involved in the willow maze project. It is part of a wider development programme to enhance the facilities within the country park and to get more volunteers involved.

Key Facts
Project type:
Biodiversity and Wildlife
Bags of Help Funding:
East Ayrshire Leisure

View the printable pdf  Living Wall Project.

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