Froglife, a national wildlife charity, aims to conserve frogs and other wetland wildlife by involving local communities in habitat creation projects, and awareness raising events and activities. They also run workshops with schools and youth groups to develop an interest and better understanding of threats to wetland wildlife and what people can do to help. These also promote children’s health and well-being and give them the confidence to explore and
enjoy the outdoors and experience nature first hand.

“I was working with the children to identify what freshwater invertebrates had taken up home in the ponds and there was also a wildlife gardening activity. I had a really good day and I hope everyone else did as well.”

        - Ally Lemon, Scottish Dragon Finder Project Officer Trainee

Hopetoun Road Wildlife Site at South Queensferry is a local biodiversity site, owned and managed by Edinburgh City Council. This popular local greenspace consists of woodland, meadow and wetland with a rough path network. It has undergone a lot of improvement work in recent years, with help from volunteers and Edinburgh Council Rangers.

The ponds were dug out, an information board was installed, a path created and a dipping platform built so that the ponds can be used by the public, local schools and groups for educational purposes. A celebration event was organised to highlight the new ponds to the local community.

Key Facts
Location: South Queensferry, Edinburgh (EH30 9SQ)
Project type: Nature/Wildlife area
Bags of Help Funding: £12,000
Grantee: Froglife Scotland

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