Summer 2017 saw £5,000 funding from Tesco Bags of Help provide senior citizens in Campbeltown with lots of opportunities to get out and active with outdoor sports.

Through golfing, shooting, fishing and hill-walking, the project created new friendships, kept people active, increased mental stimulation and happiness. Participants even considered joining their local clubs for the first time. The 'Gerriactivity’ programme of activities removed the barriers to the region’s golf courses, sprawling countryside, clean beaches and clear waters. Although many older people wish to undertake sporting opportunities, costs; transport; confidence issues; health concerns and rural isolation prevent them from doing so.

“Most participants didn’t know each other before and now they have a series of new relationships: they can nod and chat with each other when out and about. Rose, in her 80s, had never shot before and was a real competitive person. She loved being able to tell her daughter, (an ex marksman in the Army), she now went shooting."

- Ian McVicar, 1000 Voices Project Manager

Using sport to bring people together has the added advantage of benefiting both physical and mental health. 

“Absolutely so exciting. I enjoyed competing with my wife Teresa -it’s all part of the fun”

- Ken, Participant

Key Facts
Location: Campbeltown (PA28 6AH)
Project type: Outdoor sports
Funding: £5,000
Grantee: Argyll and Bute TSI

View the printable pdf Gerriactivity Argyll and Bute TSI

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