Fifteen engagement sessions have been held across the city since 2016 to get the views of Glaswegians, including those with allotments and community growers, on how food growing should be supported and enhanced.

The key issues raised were better access to land and growing spaces and the need for advice on how to start up and maintain community growing projects.

Draft plans include finding the most effective use for existing allotment sites and developing new sites where suitable locations are identified and there is recognised local demand.

Proposals also include engaging with housing associations to encourage and support them with their plans to provide residents with growing spaces or allotments and simplifying processes to make it easier for people to use available city council sites.

Another idea under consideration is the Let’s Grow Together Fund, which would provide initial or seed capital funding to assist in the establishment of new community growing projects.

The council will also introduce a Community Food Growing Mentoring group, with representatives from growing groups, community groups and the council, if the draft strategy is approved.

Online consultation on the strategy will run from February 5 until March 16. 

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