greenspace scotland is looking to build on its growing knowledge base around the provision of green energy solutions within greenspaces by setting up a new multi-partner ParkPower project over 9 months. 

The project, called Green Heat in Greenspaces or ‘GHiGs’, will supply reports, flexible online tools and data resources to partner organisations to identify the largely untapped potential of their greenspace portfolios to support low carbon heat solutions.  While work to date has considered a wide range of appropriate green energy technologies, it is the potential of low carbon heat, both in terms of its supply, storage and transmission, that has emerged as the dominant opportunity.  The proposed project is achievable as a desktop exercise without the need for staff travel or site visits. 

greenspace scotland has recently put out a call to public sector bodies across Scotland at both a national and local level inviting them to express interest in becoming a partner in this new project.

The impetus for the proposal stems from the broad array of organisations looking to develop their plans for climate mitigation and carbon reduction.  To date the contribution of public land and, in particular, open spaces has been largely under-played and there are data gaps in a number of areas in relation to understanding its potential. 

John Maslen, the ParkPower Programme Manager, comments:

“We have seen significant interest in the proposal from many land owning organisations and those involved in low carbon heat to understand the extent to which their greenspace portfolios can offer a significant positive contribution.”

If you would like to know more about GHiGs please read our project summary.

Please email if would be interested in becoming a Core Partner or Advisory Partner.

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It is likely we will be able to bring new partners into the project before the project commences officially which, if successful with our funders, is now likely to be July 2020.