The Green Heat in Greenspaces projec have now completed the data analysis stage of the project and we are working on creating data reporting tools and documentation to support all our partners. We are hosting an online partner event on 16th March 2021 to present our final results.  If there is wider interest in these outputs we will organise a public online event in April. 

ParkPower has joined the Heat Vision 2030 partnership of organisations to encourage the development of low carbon heat networks to provide heat to our towns and cities. 

Not only have we been analysing the low carbon heat potential of urban green spaces, we’ve also been assessing the potential of blue space, in particular river source heat.  Below is a map of the Clyde Valley highlighting the links between areas of highest heat demand density (in orange) together with the river network.

The strong association between rivers and heat demand is clear and reflects the historic dependencies on the river network for Glasgow's urbanisation and industrialisation. The potential to utilise river and marine source heat to meet our future needs is huge, not just for the Clyde but across Scotland. Look out for our results in March.