The GCV Green Network Blueprint is a framework for the creation of a strategic Green Network for the benefit of people and wildlife in Glasgow City Region. It incorporates the fundamental functions of a Green Network:

  • an Access Network – facilitating the off-road movement of people between communities through greenspace

The Access Network should aid off-road movement, through greenspaces and green routes, connecting people to the places they want to go such as shops, schools and transport hubs, and to places of work and places for recreation, such as parks.

  • a Habitat Network – facilitating the movement of wildlife through the landscape

A functioning Habitat Network should consist of habitat patches to support species that live there and that are close enough together so that species can move easily between them.

The Blueprint identifies for both Networks:

  • existing Green Network assets
  • where protection and enhancements are required
  • where there are gaps in the networks
  • opportunities to address those gaps

The Blueprint will help to target resources and effort effectively, creating and enhancing the right Green Network component in the right place for most benefit.