The Landscape Institute has published a Policy Paper looking at the reasons why on order to meet the UKs 2050 zero carbon target, the economic and social recovery from Covid-19 should have a green focus.

The paper looks at how recovery from Covid-19 offers the possibility of not merely returning to a "business as usual approach" focusing on five key areas to achieve a sustainable recovery:

  1. Taking a natural capital approach to new infrastructure and housing
  2. Invest in maintenance and renewal of existing places
  3. Set higher and fairer standards for greenspace
  4. Invest in natural solutions to climate change
  5. Create a step-change in green skills, digital and data

Read the full Policy Paper

In addition to the Policy Paper the Landscape Institute have published a Park & greenspace supplement noting that during the Covid-19 lockdown parks and greenspaces gained a high public profile becoming a vital part of the public response to the pandemic.

Thus giving an opportunity for parks and greenspaces to become a central part in economic and social recovery, recognising their role in improving public health, addressing climate change restoring nature.

Read the Park & greenspace supplement