Like so many others the greenspace team are working remotely from home at the moment and some of our programmes have been postponed or are moving online. This gives us a bit of time to do those things that we have never quite got round to doing. One of these is getting some resources we have created for workshops up on our website.

With our time outside limited to just 30 mins per day we thought some info on things that you can do or read that still keep you connected to greenspace would be helpful. They are written for community groups and organisations but parents and individuals can use them too. 

So if you want to focus some of your time at home to find out who can support you learn more about growing then our Food Growing Infosheet is a great place to start.

Get food growing resource

If you have the kids at home and are trying to keep them occupied some of the information in our Outdoor Learning resource should help with ideas and point you in the direction of organisations that will have lots more info on their websites and social media right now.

Get outdoor learning resource

We hope that these are helpful and lead you on to many other interesting things to learn and discover.