The Scottish Parliament’s Local Government & Communities Committee is planning a potential inquiry into community wellbeing and they would like to hear your ideas and suggestions for what the inquiry should focus on. For greenspaces, this is a great opportunity to share and discuss lots of ideas on urban green and open spaces, and highlight the impact they have on community wellbeing.

As well as understanding more about what wellbeing means to people, the committee is interested in exploring:

  • The impact that poverty has on general community wellbeing (and the life chances of those living in poverty).
  • The role of councils and other groups in advancing the wellbeing of their communities.
  • The extent to which councils are investing in and improving the public health of communities.
  • The effectiveness of organisations working together at community level, such as community planning partnerships and integrated authorities.

By helping the committee to understand what community wellbeing means to you, and who you think plays an important role in that, you can help them to understand which issues they should focus on in the coming months in order to make a real difference. 

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