Glasgow City Council is preparing a new City Development Plan and they are appealing for locals to contribute to an ongoing consultation about what's needed for each city neighbourhood. They are looking to hear from Glaswegians of all age groups - including from younger people - and all backgrounds, circumstances and locations so the plan can reflect Glasgow’s diverse population. They are using an online tool called placebuilder.

Understanding views on how everyday Glasgow works will help the council create a plan that leads to a better city experience, as well as addressing the big issues they face like tackling climate change, helping to create more opportunities to work and improving health and wellbeing.

It is designed to help them understand the experiences and ideas of Glasgow’s different neighbourhood communities on what they think works, what could be better and what they would like to see change. The engagement will run until Friday 11th December 2020.

On the site you can choose to answer questions about your neighbourhood or if you are really interested in a specific issue in a specific place you can tag the map and tell them more.