Through the theme of “I remember…” artist Alec Finlay is reaching out to people across Scotland to share their personal recollections of moments in time from the pandemic.

This is the next stage of a campaign launched by The Herald in May 2020, followed up by the offer of Pollok Country Park as a physical memorial location by Glasgow City Council. greenspace scotland has been working with The Herald's covid memorial steering group on the campaign and is managing the artist engagement commission, which includes a community  engagement process.

Dedicated workshops will be held with various groups including communities, workforces at the frontline of the pandemic, and young people’s organisations as well as bereaved families. Alec Finlay, who is working on the project with co-creators Lucy Richards, inclusive designer, and writer Ken Cockburn, said: “We are beginning to have conversations about how the memorial could take shape in the park and working with the countryside rangers and park gardeners is very important.”

You can email your I remember to [email protected]

The only rule is that it starts with “I remember” and consists of a single sentence. They are intended to be anonymous. Anyone can contribute, and all have valid and unique experiences, including so far:

I remember being sick in February and everyone telling me that it wasn’t covid

I remember my first ‘walk’ in the wheelchair, meeting Annie, and agreeing the wild garlic seems early every year

I remember when I could walk for miles and didn’t, and now I wish that I had

I remember mum saying she missed going to the supermarket

I remember the feeling of fear when I tested positive, knowing others who had died

The I Remember blog provides more information about Scotland's Covid Memorial, sharing the research and development of the memorial which is being co-created over Summer 2021

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