A ground-breaking project that aims to improve parks across the globe has been launched.

The Parks & Green Space Research Portal promotes collaboration and shared research between academics and parks professionals worldwide.

It enables users to exchange expertise and drive forward change on topics ranging from climate change, safety and biodiversity to history and culture, finance, and health and wellbeing.

The Portal has been established by the University of Leeds, University of Sheffield, the Green Flag Award scheme and environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy.

As well as hosting summaries of the latest research, the Portal helps users promote relevant events, highlight projects and offers a global directory.

Dr Anna Barker, Associate Professor in Criminal Justice and Criminology at Leeds’ School of Law, leads the project said:

“In the UK and abroad, public parks are much-loved and treasured communal areas, and have been particularly important during the pandemic.

The benefits of green spaces are numerous, and range from promoting health and wellbeing among users to being a vital resource for communities while providing wide-ranging environmental benefits.

The aim of the Parks & Green Space Portal is to bring together global expertise, share ideas and research, and provide evidence and support for policymakers.”

The Parks & Green Space Research Portal provides a free and accessible platform to connect researchers, policymakers and green space managers in the UK and internationally.

It aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and foster collaboration to inform the best practice management of parks and green spaces for the benefit of communities and the environment.

Visit the Parks & Green Spaces Research Portal