Our climate is facing an emergency. The truth is, we can’t go on like this. To stop climate change, we need to change now. Scotland’s Climate Week is 7 – 13th October. Together, we can do more to tackle the climate emergency and save our planet. It’s time for change.

This is Scotland’s Climate Week’s fourth year running. But since last year the landscape has changed dramatically. The global climate emergency is on our doorstep - it's not just something we can casually work towards. It needs our urgent attention. Greener Scotland's website has lots of ideas on how to change and take action.

Here's a few ideas from greenspace scotland:

Live Local - get out and about in your local parks and greenspaces rather than taking the car to the countryside. Our greenspace map allows you to see where greenspaces near you are. Stuck for ideas of what to do or where to go MyParkScotland lists lots of events and activities taking place in parks across Scotland.

Get Friendly - is your local park in need of some love and tlc then get together with some locals and form a friends of group or join an existing group to help support your park. You could work with your local council to make the park better for people and nature too.

Get Growing - growing your own food in your garden, allotment or community garden makes a big difference. You can eat more seasonally and reduce food packaging waste. It's also a great way to get a bit of exercise, reduce stress and make new friends. If you don't have time to grow your own then trying to buy more seasonally and from local producers has a big impact too.

Get Active - spending time in greenspaces is great for your wellbeing and using them as a route for active travel to get where you need to go brings benefits for you and the climate. You'll feel better walking or cycling to work through a park or greenspace, you'll reduce emissions and improve air quality.

Park Power - are you interested in local renewable energy production in parks or greenspaces? Then our ParkPower project might be able to help. We have lots of case studies to provide information on what is possible and are currently supporting pilot projects in Fife and Falkirk.

Keep Informed - for monthly news, inspiration, ideas and funding on all things parks, greenspaces and green infrastructure sign up to our monthly ebulletin. Want to make the case in a funding application or at a climate conversation then our resources section also has all the info you need on the benefits of and need for greenspaces.