Friends of Park groups, park managers and parks organisations across the UK are doing their bit to help keep parks open for exercise during the COVID-19 outbreak by encouraging safe use.

Ruskin Park Volunteers have drawn chalk markings to illustrate just how wide 2 metres social distance is

In Edinburgh,Friends of Starbank Park are asking everyone to keep a safe distance 

The Royal Parks are asking park users to "help us to help you" and state that "Behind the scenes, we are working around the clock to keep the parks open. Every person who works for The Royal Parks, from the gardeners and ecologists to our landscape architects and back office staff, believe passionately in parks and the benefits they provide to people’s physical and mental health. We would be devastated to have to close them. Please understand that every decision we are taking now is to keep parks open and people safe"

Haringey Council in London are also helping users get to grips with the 2 metres social distancing 

The Parks Alliance is giving the following guidance