The Kintyre Angling Club shows just what a small voluntary group can do with the minimum Bags of Help award of £1,000 and great voluntary effort. The funds they raise go to covering the day to day running of the club, improving the locale and the fishing, including stocking the waters.

Their club promotes fresh air and exercise in a stunning environment with good sport for anyone who is interested, locals and visitors alike. They attract anglers from far and wide to fish Loch Lussa waters which are approximately a 20 minute drive out of Campbeltown.
Even although fishing in the good weather keeps the members busy, they have also to look out for times when the weather is more challenging. With Scottish weather what it is, the group needed to upgrade our their old boatshed to provide adequate shelter so that, when the weather takes a turn, anglers have a place to sit and have a spot of lunch away from the elements. The group are also keen to maintain the old boatshed because it has an interesting history as the rescue hut/first aid centre for Kintyre’s last coal mine at Machrihanish which was closed in March 1967.

Miner and fisherman David Anderson worked overtime to pay the bosses £9 for the old steel shed, saving it from demolition. The group transported and resurrected the shed up the hill by Lussa Loch for use by Kintyre Angling Club.

“We replaced the windows and doors on the shed, and the
difference is unbelievable. So much so we intend to do further
renovations to the shed, weather and money permitting.”

         - Alastair Forbes, Committee Member

Key Facts
Location: Campbeltown
Project type: Sport
Bags of Help Funding: £1,000
Grantee: Kintyre Angling Club

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