Liverpool City Council has become the first local authority in the UK to commit to protect all of their parks and green spaces in perpetuity with green space charity Fields in Trust and ensure every citizen lives within a ten-minute walk of a legally protected green space. Initially, 20 spaces will be protected ensuring around 60% of Liverpudlians have a protected green space close to home.

Parks and green spaces are good and they do good. They are proven to help people stay physically and mentally well; places where we can all move, breathe, run and play. They are an important tool to drive social cohesion, combat loneliness and build community spirit.

During the coronavirus pandemic, local parks have been more important than ever. Not just green patches in our towns and cities. They have been places to get outdoors during lockdown, escape to nature, unwind and stay socially connected whilst physically distanced.

However, green spaces across the UK continue to be threatened with imminent loss. Provision of local parks is not a statutory service, meaning local authorities have no obligation to provide them for residents. Figures from Fields in Trust’s Green Space Index show just 5.9% of Britain’s publicly accessible local green space provision is legally protected.

Once delivered, Liverpool City Council’s vision will ensure both current and future generations of Liverpudlians will always have access to the benefits these spaces provide close to home.

At a time when the value of local parks is clearer than ever this is a first-of-its-kind vision to benefit both people and place and secure the health, wellbeing and community benefits green spaces provide. Thank you for your support in sharing this news with your networks.

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